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For Schools

For Schools

Our Curriculum has been designed to effectively teach fundamentals and advanced concepts of programming, with robotics as an application, to children of varying age groups. Lessons based on the curriculum, have been imparted to students of various age groups, and the results and response from the students and their parents have been very positive.


The robotics curriculum at Bose-Einstein, is built around an affordable Robotics kit, along with flow-based programming language, and the short-term and long-term curricula are all designed in a highly-structured manner, with emphasis on hands-on exploration by the students. As a result, a number of experiments, challenges and projects have been designed for the students to complete, which help us to evaluate the learning progress by the students.

Steam lab setup

With our increasing reliance on technology, technical literacy, critical thinking and the ability to problem-solve are skills that play a crucial role in a child’s long-term success. The most effective way to develop these skills is to engage children in real-world activities that allow them to build their understanding in meaningful contexts. Bose-Einstein offers a STEAM Laboratory Kit (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), which is a setup within the School Lab which is integrated in the existing curriculum framework. It is a fun, hands-on opportunity for learners to code (C, Python/ drag and drop) and engage in various activities using STEAM kits with principles on IOT/AI/ Robotics, that improve their technological abilities. Such activities help them to learn to question, explore, experiment, reason, and apply abstract concepts to real world challenges. Technology is a hugely powerful enabler and such platforms inspire and empower young people to create their own careers in technology, thus enabling students to make the transition from passive consumers of technology to conscious creators.

In-curriculum program

Bose-Einstein Institute offers a complete learning solution from grade 1 to grade 10, which can be integrated with the syllabus timetable and classes are held throughout the year. Children work collaboratively on STEAM kits that are based on the principles of AI/IOT/Robotics and learn programming ( C/ Python / Flow-based) and other relevant computational skills. This programme can be cohesive within the curriculum framework of CBSE, ICSE, International Baccalaureate, CIE and state boards It is a turnkey solution offered with curriculum, tutorials, learning resources, hand-outs, worksheets, PPT, on-line classes, assessments, trainer manual, teacher’s handbook etc. Learners are trained for various in-house, inter-school and state and national level competitions. The teachers are trained during teacher training workshops held during the year and enabled to handle the smooth execution and implementation of classes. Bose-Einstein trainers are made available in case of a specific trainer requirement by the school at additional costs.

After School

To offer learner’s the opportunity to hone their skills better in Robotics, after school classes are arranged within the school premises. Short Term duration courses are conducted and classes are held once a week by qualified Steam educators to facilitate interested students to pursue their love for the subject.

Teachers Training

There is a pressing demand for STEM workers, not to mention the number of creative fields utilizing STEM information. As schools shift towards a more science, technology, engineering and math-focused curriculum, they’ll be looking for ways to bridge their classes for a holistic learning experience. This is where STEAM takes the lead. We at Bose-Einstein conduct workshops for teachers to bridge the existing gap and help teachers to be ahead of their techno native learners.

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